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The 2017.d version of CYPECAD includes the minor improvements and corrections described below.

Change floor names

If the name of a floor is modified once the project has been analysed, the analysis results will not be lost.

Change frame names

If the name of the frames is modified, the program also modifies the reference that appears on the screen on which the drawings to be printed are selected.

Edit a column starting on another

Users can modify all the parameters of a column that starts on another column.

Organised strap beam tables

The strap beam table included in the foundations drawing is generated with the beams organised depending on their reference.


Automatic generation of references for network elements

As of the 2017.d version, CYPETHERM HVAC generates, during the analysis process, the references of all the network elements (duct, fittings - elbows, branches and transitions, grilles), so that they can be identified on plan and in the ducts report.

Delete duct fittings

Below the button users can use to generate duct fittings (implemented in the 2017.c version), a new button has been added to delete fittings . Two steps must be taken to delete fittings:

  • Select the fittings to be deleted
    Using the left mouse button, the fittings to be deleted can be selected one by one, by dragging a capture window to select them, or by combining both methods.
  • Confirm they are to be deleted
    Once the fittings to be deleted have been selected, they are deleted by clicking on the right mouse button.

Delete duct fittings  Delete duct fittings


Reports for Mexico

Reports for Mexico

A new type of report has been added to the 2017.d version of Arquimedes: “ZG Mexico”, which includes three reports:

  • Expense adjustments (template pl_mx003.pla)
  • Polynomial formula (template pl_00208.pla)
  • Unit item amounts for price indices (template pl_mx002.pla)

These reports can be obtained when the unit prices are 100% classified. Users can obtain the classification of the unit prices of the bill of quantities in accordance with the producer price indices for Mexico using the “Unit concept classification table” option (Show > Concept classification).

Expense adjustments

This report requires the start date and updating date, and allows users to compare the base bill of quantities with the updated bill of quantities.

Polynomial formula

This report displays the value of the expense adjustment factor using a polynomial formula.

Unit item amounts for price indices

This report shows the unit prices classified in accordance with the producer price indices that have been used in accordance with the unit item classification table defined in the “Unit concept classification table” (Show > Concept classification).

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